Time for you, to talk.

How Fifty:Minutes Can Help…


Life’s challenges can be hard to deal with alone. Fifty:Minutes offers time for you to talk with someone qualified to help so that you can understand yourself a little better, making those challenges a little easier.

Book a fifty minute chat, as often as you need and speak one to one with someone who has time for you.



When the crippling wave of anxiety takes over, it may seem like a million thoughts are racing at once. Taking the time to offload with a qualified listener can help to slow things down and make sense of some confusing feelings.



The downward spiral of depression can feel like a pretty dark and lonely place to be. Taking fifty minutes to talk to someone qualified to listen, without judgement, could help you feel a little less lonely and a little more understood.



Our relationships with others have the potential to bring the most joy and the most sorrow to our lives. A fifty minute chat with someone impartial and supportive can help you make sense of something that may feel all too complex.


Time for you…


Life is full of ups and downs and we all struggle from time to time. Whatever it is you’re dealing with, big or small, Fifty:Minutes offers you the time and space to talk it out with someone qualified to help.

A fifty minute chat, as often as you need.