Fifty Minutes is a mental health service based in Sheffield, offering you the chance to talk with a counsellor who’s qualified to listen and support you through whatever emotional issues you might be dealing with. Whether you’ve been feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, confused, unhappy or all of the above! Taking the time to talk through your problems with someone who can help you make sense of it all, could really make a difference.


Fifty Minute therapy sessions can happen face to face, over telephone or over Skype and are available on a Monday and Friday from 10am to 7pm. Whizz over an email or use the contact form on this website and we can arrange a time that works for you.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with who you’ll be talking to, so if you’re thinking of booking a session, we can have a 15 minute chat over the phone beforehand at no extra cost.

…Speaking about price?

One, fifty minute therapy session is £40.

A 10% discount is applied to a group of 6 sessions booked and paid in advance.

Payment can be made online via bank transfer, Paypal or by cash or card in person.


Sessions usually happen weekly and can be booked as you go or in advance, it’s your call!

I’m scared!!

That’s totally normal! Opening up to someone about your problems can be a scary process. The aim is to help you feel as comfortable as possible so that you can really make the best use of your session. And hey, well done you for taking the time to look after your mind!